Affordable Unique Collectables.

The start of a new movement.

Art is expensive, true art is a collectors item, it’s a one off, to be never made again, it’s the vision of the artist created to be touched by the public. That very touch is expensive. Only those privileged can buy exclusive art.

..Yeah, screw that. Let’s blow away that line of dust from Mona.

While in the old days people were willing to spend fortunes on art, the truth is that nowadays people aren’t willing to do so anymore. That being said, interest and passion for great art is still very present. Jacob Witzenhausen was one of the first to acknowledge that the market has changed. He had the philosophy to make the untouchable, touchable and to close the gap between true art and the consumer. He formed a team of likeminded artlovers and artists and together they created Atelier Unik.

Affordable collectables

Atelier Unik produces affordable, yet highly limited printed artwork from well established artists who have earned their status in the world of art. Being limited ensures that these prints are not only a great asset to your art collection, but also a future investment since their price will only go up from the moment you have purchased one. The artwork comes with a certificate of authencity and the unique number of the print. Prices range from € 150,- to € 2000,- depending on size and print.

Museum quality prints

Each artist presents four pieces in three different sizes with each a maximum of 200 quantities per print. These prints are printed in ‘museum quality’, meaning they will be printed with the use of a special technique on two different high quality fabrics. The fabric ‘bariet’ is used for black and white prints, and the fabric ‘lambda’ is used for color prints. Each produced print goes through a  selection process conducted by Jacob Witzenhausen (curator) himself.

Special partners

Besides our operating partners, Atelier Unik has also teamed up with Mendo, a well known bookstore and publisher. Together we offer prints out of two of their own published books: ‘Below sea level’ and ‘Amsterdam Canals’.

Current artists

We are very proud to be working with amazing artists such as: Cor Jaring, Paul Blanca, Kevin Erskine, Pieter Ceizer, Erik Hijweege and Samuel Turner. Check out their full resume to find out about their accomplishments in the world of art.