Aleksander Willemse

Aleksander Willemse


Aleksander Willemse
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Aleksander Willemse (1968) graduated ‘cum laude’ from the Photo Academy Amsterdam in 2010. Since then he won and got nominated for several photo prices like TPAA 2010 and 2011, de Fotoprijs and PANL. His work is exhibited in several musea and on national and international photo festivals like Noorderlicht, GRID Amsterdam and Photo Festival Naarden.
The work of Aleksander has its origin in the advertising business, it was there where he was spreading the faith in the strength of a supermarket, the status of a car and the financial gain of a bank. For Aleksander the advertising maker is the Michelangelo of the 20th century, faith as the best marketed product in the history of mankind. His personal work ‘sells’ a different view at things in life. And it is all up to yourself wether you are open for it or not. Although it is not focused on hard sales, it is not less commercial. It does not necessarily provide a good feeling. The work is usually highly stylized and clean designed.

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