Kevin Erskine

Kevin Erskine


Kevin Erskine
Mammatus Wiggins Colorado

Kevin Erskine was born in Sharpsburg Illinois on January 17, 1956. His family moved to Hoskins Nebraska (population 284) when he was 10. The rich landscape and life as a farmer’s son instilled in him a deep-rooted commitment to Nebraska, family, faith and hard work. At 12 years old Kevin witnesses his first big storm. On June 5, 1968 a category 4 tornado (max. Wind speeds 207-260 mph) passes the city centre. Inspired by the force of nature he takes up photography using his fathers’ camera. Having his first pickup truck at the age of 19, Erskine starts chasing storms. His passion for photography and respect for nature still motivates Erskine to capture super cells with his large format camera. “When it’s blowin’ I’m going”.

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30 cm x 9,8 cm (S), 40 cm x 13,1 cm (M), 60 cm x 19,6 cm (L)